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No summer is complete without corn on the cob, and Nancy gives this classic an amazing twist. After grilling, roll the warm corn in sharp, crumbled Gorgonzola and top with shreds of fresh basil for a sophisticated and mouthwatering addition to your cookout. Kate, Recipe Hunter

Kate Edeker


Grilled Corn with Basil and Gorgonzola Cheese

Corn on the Cob Grows Up

Corn on the cob, normally paired with butter, has made some more sophisticated friends. After the corn comes off the heat, it’s rolled in a butter-Gorgonzola mixture. The cheese’s robust and (slightly) spicy kick plays with the charred flavor left from the grill. To finish everything off, shreds of fresh basil are sprinkled on top. Basil’s slightly sweet and peppery taste makes the dish fresh and summery, and its green leaves pop against the yellow corn. After trying this recipe, you might forget all about the hot dogs and let the corn steal the show!


Nancy from Coupon Clipping Cook

I like to cook good food from simple ingredients that looks as good as it tastes. I especially like to use ingredients right out of the pantry that I stock up on when they're on sale.

Based out of Los Angeles, Nancy harnesses years of working around food to create recipes with ingredients that work in perfect harmony. Even better, she makes sure that the dish isn’t going to cost you your latest paycheck! Her recipes are fresh and simple, utilizing familiar ingredients to create amazing meals. As the creator, cook, and photographer behind Coupon Clipping Cook, she offers common sense and amazing flavors to those hopelessly staring into their pantries.

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