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We're all used to traditional buffalo wings but Josh brings his classic grilling style to these, which have a sweet, smoky, and sticky glaze, perfect for your Labor Day BBQ. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Grilled Honey Chipotle Chicken Wings

Crispy, spicy, sticky, and sweet

It’s Labor Day weekend and grills around the country are being fired up to celebrate (mourn?) the end of summer and a well-deserved day off. Normal fried buffalo wings are kind of a pain to make at home but Josh’s grilled version is the perfect, and dare we say better, alternative to the original. Chicken wings are dry-marinated in a spice blend, left to air dry to become crispy, then slow roasted over indirect heat until perfectly cooked. During the last few minutes, a sweet-spicy-tangy glaze of honey, chipotle, lime, and soy sauce is brushed over and grilled until caramelized, crispy, and delicious.  You’re going to need some napkins for this one.


Josh Bousel

Pitmaster & Self-Described Meatmaster

The Meatwave

Josh Bousel from The Meatwave

The entrancing aroma of slow smoking meat has a comfort that draws people in, and the communal gatherings that follow to collectively relish in glorious home cooked barbecue is what drives me as a cook.

What started as an occasional event about grilling has turned into a “full-blown addiction” for Josh, the proprietor and Meatmaster behind The Meatwave. In addition to sharing drool-worthy grilling and smoking recipes via his blog, he also hosts a “secret grill club meets community potluck” of sorts that occurs every 2 weeks throughout the summer in Astoria, Queens. Invites are on a referral basis so good luck getting in (Hey Josh – toss us an invite over here please?). Until then, your carnivorous heart will be fulfilled by all of the grilling and smoking recipes here on his blog. The best part is that he explains the techniques, trials, and errors behind all of his creations so you can become a Meatmaster of your own.

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The Trick for the Crispiest Chicken

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