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This is everything we want in a sandwich. Intensely flavored slices of Vietnamese grilled pork, bright pickled veggies, and a good crusty bread to hold it all together. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Grilled Pork Banh Mi

The Vietnamese king of sandwiches

This sandwich is special to us. Why, you ask? As many of you know, we’re based in Boston, Massachusetts, where we have access to delicious cuisines from around the world. One of our favorite go-to spots (as-in, more than once a week) is a Vietnamese stall at an Asian food court where they create the most amazing banh mi sandwiches. We swoon for their grilled pork version and scoured the web to find someone who created their own at home.

And this recipe is exactly that. Thin slices of marinated pork are grilled until charred on the outside and stuffed inside a crusty French roll. As is traditional in Vietnamese cuisine, it’s all about a contrast of flavors and textures so the warm meat is topped with a cool combination of bright, pickled veggies, crunchy lettuce, slices of chile for a pungent heat, and several big springs of cilantro. The result: the last sandwich you’ll ever need.


Julia Cauchi

Corporate Suit Turned Boutique Caterer

Julia Cauchi from Merci Mama

My big focus is to use produce that is seasonal and local if possible. This way you don't have to do too much to the food to make it taste outstanding.

Welcome to Jules, our first featured chef from AUSTRALIA! That’s right, we’re so happy to be able to welcome the wonderful food community from down under to the NoshOnIt family by sharing Jules’s wonderful collection of recipes from her blog, Merci Mama. Started as an homage to her mother, the best cook she knows, Merci Mama is an adventure through international cuisines, inspired by Jules’s year-long travels around the world. With a focus on using local, seasonal ingredients, she creates meals that have maximum flavor with minimum fuss. Formerly a corporate “suit,” Jules is now a boutique caterer and blogger in Melbourne.

Say hello to Jules on Twitter.


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  • Thanks for the feature Vijay – great post, love the tip!!

    • Thanks Jules! And thank you for letting us share!