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So much more than a vegetarian “option” at your Labor Day cookout, this easy, cheesy, and highly customizable recipe will steal the show. Fire up the grill and gather your favorite summer veggies for a next-level pizza extravaganza everyone will be talking about naan-stop. Lizzie, Recipe Hunter

Lizzie Tilchin


Grilled Veggie and Whipped Ricotta Naan Pizza

A delicious Labor Day recipe with minimal labor

On the first Monday of every September, we reward our hard work by enjoying a relaxing long weekend while simultaneously celebrating the tail-end of summer. The best way to celebrate is with one last big cookout hurrah. Whether you’re planning a veggie-centric Labor Day bash or just looking to try something different, Molly’s naan pizza has all the makings for a fun group grilling project that will please all appetites. In place of basic crust, Molly uses naan flatbreads, which allow you to skip a step while providing a foundation for amazing pizza; if you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing naan in pizza form, or simply snacked on warm, fluffy naan out of the basket, you know what we’re talking about. The assembly begins with a spreading of homemade whipped ricotta (simple to make and can be done ahead of time), followed by a layer of veggies seasoned and grilled to tender, char-y perfection. Molly’s assortment consists of zucchini, red bell pepper and red onion, but this part can be customized depending on what everyone’s hankering for. With a handful of shredded mozz, a few melty minutes on the grill, a drizzle of balsamic glaze and a sprinkle of fresh basil, the pizzas are ready to be eaten (and all attendees will be ready to devour them). Have everyone provide their own produce for some real hands-on build-your-own pizza fun.


Molly Meehan - Yes to Yolks

I’m a self-taught cook whose favorite place is in the kitchen. Feeding others something I have created is one of life’s treats! I often focus on well-balanced, healthy dishes with a dash of indulgence here and there.

Molly is the voice behind Yes to Yolks, where she shares seasonal, inventive recipes, telling stories with beautiful words and drool-worthy photographs. Her favorite place is the kitchen, and her kitchen entourage consists of one recipe guinea pig (her husband, Dan) and two enthusiastic floor-cleaners (her two rescue pups). Molly is a serious cheese-lover, so much so that the names of her canines pay homage to Manchego and Mascarpone. However, there is nothing “cheesy” about her cooking style, the genuity and passion of which shine through each and every recipe. You will always know both what she’s craving as well as her source of inspiration. She keeps it healthy most of the time, with an occasional cheese-smothering or chocolate-dunking. Molly may have a bun in the oven at the moment, but that sure isn’t stopping her from cooking up a storm!

Head over to Yes to Yolks and say hello to Molly on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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