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Simple, flavorful, and fresh from the ocean, poke is one of the mainstays of Hawaiian cuisine. Sushi-grade salmon is tossed with a soy sauce and sesame oil dressing, balancing strong flavors with the delicate salmon. Served with seaweed salad and rice, your kitchen is island-ready in no time flat! Rebeccah, Recipe Hunter

Rebeccah Marrero


Hawaiian Salmon Poke

Sushi’s simple second cousin

You don’t have to leave the mainland for a taste of island cuisine! As the newest state in the Union, Hawaii has a rich cultural and culinary past as a crossroads of East and West. Poke (pronounced poh-keh) is one such delicious result. Love sushi, but don’t love the effort involved? Get your raw fish kick with poke, an often-compared to distant cousin of sushi that requires no careful rolling or the fear that everything will fall apart.  Literally meaning “to slice or cut crosswise into pieces”, the name of this dish describes the way in which the fish is cut. And preparation couldn’t be simpler- just mix your ingredients together and spoon over your favorite rice. Most traditionally made with tuna, Daisy’s salmon variation is also popular, as are ones made with tofu, octopus, crab or really any seafood! For sushi-grade fish, check out your local Japanese markets or high-quality fishmongers for the freshest and highest quality catch. Spicy, salty and intensely flavored from soy sauce, sesame oil, and red chili flakes, poke is certain to wake up your palate. Topped with a bit of delicate salmon roe, this is definitely enough to transport us to a tropical island!


Daisy Thompson

Food Lover, Blogger, and Photographer

Daisy Thompson

I believe in using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create simple, yet delicious and elegant dishes. My kitchen is a happy place, where I can express my creativity and flair, and I hope to inspire my readers to make their kitchens a happy one as well.

If you’re looking to eat seasonal, look no further for a muse than to Daisy, who often lets her southern Californian garden dictate what she cooks. Professionally trained as a chef, Daisy now shares her expertise on Daisy’s World, imparting simple, fresh, gourmet dishes for the everyday chef and their farmers market bounty. With every kind of sweet and savory covered, Daisy’s gorgeous creations are the solution for brunch, kid’s snacks, adult cocktails or a fancy dinner party – Daisy’s tried everything and now you can too.

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