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High Hopes Cocktail

A cocktail to lift your spirits and your tastebuds

Once in awhile a cocktail comes along that is not quite what it seems. At first sight because of the bright rosy color, you’d think that this High Hopes cocktail would be sweet and fruity, but after one sip, you’ll realize that you’ve been tricked. The star of this drink is a once-lost-but-now-found spirit, Old Tom Gin (which we’ve talked about in more detail here), a sweeter, herbaceous cousin to London dry gin, which is what most of us consider to be “gin.” The signature hue comes from Aperol, a sweeter yet still bitter version of Campari, while maraschino liqueur (the real thing, not the red syrup) adds a unique nutty component. To brighten the flavor, a splash of lime juice is added and the concoction is shaken over ice and strained. Complex, interesting, and uplifting, this cocktail most certainly gives us high hopes.


Danguole Lekaviciute from 10th Kitchen

In my book, the kitchen is the ultimate creative playground, and cooking is basically an art project that you can eat. I love experimenting, throwing ingredients together on a whim, and sharing what works!

When we stumbled upon 10th Kitchen, we knew that we absolutely had to have Danguole as a featured chef! Originally from Lithuania and now living in Reno, Nevada, Danguole has a light-hearted and humorous style to her writing, something she carries into her delicious and eye-catching recipes. Often inspired by cuisines from around the world, 10th Kitchen is filled with dishes that are bursting with colors, flavors, and textures that will make you hungry by just looking at them. Her food is handmade and seasonal with unique, surprising twists that just seem to work, like this recipe for Chicken and Waffles Sandwich. You had us at hello.

Say hello to Danguole on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


The 4 (and Maybe 5) Types of Gin

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