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Skipping the flour, Sylvia revamps homemade falafel by using fresh ingredients like garbanzo beans and cilantro. This combination of delicious and wholesome ingredients guarantees that dinner is healthy, delicious, and gluten free. Nisreen, Recipe Hunter

Nisreen Galloway, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Homemade Falafel (Gluten Free)

A traditional falafel free of flour

Traditionally, the perfect falafel should be crisp on the outside, and light and soft on the outside. But, many often include flour as a binding agent. Sylvia’s homemade falafel skips the flour and allows time and a little bit of baking soda to hold the ingredients together. Her “dough”, made of fresh ingredients like cilantro and garbanzo beans (soaked and dried, not canned), is processed until granular ensuring burst of garlic, or chili flavor in each bite. Pair these falafels with some pickled vegetables and a salad tossed with tahini dressing and you’re sure to enjoy this delicious and gluten free meal.


Sylvia Fountaine

Chef, Caterer, Food Blogger

Sylvia Fountaine from Feasting at Home

When I am not catering for an event, meals at home are simple, healthy and unpretentious. Inspiration comes from what is in season and I always try to make this the starting place. Using fresh seasonal ingredients, picked at their peak, ensures food that is vibrant, flavorful and nutritious.

Sylvia is the creative voice and talented photographer behind Feasting at Home. Her blog is dedicated to natural ingredients and minimalist cooking, making her the perfect chef for beginners and experts alike. Outside of her blog, Sylvia is a trained caterer with her expertise being evident in the full meal style of every blog post. Her love for cooking and attention to flavor compatibility between spices and proteins is one reason why Feasting at Home stands out. Whether her dishes are from different parts of the globe or made-from-scratch family recipes, Sylvia has something for everyone.

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