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When you’re craving a hearty taste of the Mediterranean at home, this is your answer. Rebecca shows us just how easy it is to make your own gyro meat, complete with all of the fixings. Alexa, Recipe Hunter

Alexa Besgen


Homemade Gyros

Skip the take-out with this flavorful Greek sandwich.

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or need to satisfy those late-night hunger pangs, gyros are the perfect portable meal. Gyro meat is usually made with lamb or beef, slow-roasted on a turning spit and then shaved off in slices. Since we all don’t have a roasting spit lying around, Rebecca shows us how to make our own in a loaf pan in the oven. Beef and lamb are mixed together with a combination of dried herbs and spices, then baked and ready to be sliced for the pitas. After that? The gyro is your canvas; you can top with feta, olives, onions and tomatoes…the possibilities are endless.



Rebecca Lindamood

Recipe developer/Food Blogger/Mama/Wife/Chicken and Dog Wrangler/Professional Geek

Rebecca Lindamood-Foodie with Family

My cooking philosophy: Whatever it is you're cooking and whoever you're cooking it for, do it with love! It doesn't always have to be fancy, complicated, or expensive to be delicious! Just get in there and cook!

Rebecca is the face behind the creative blog, Foodie with Family. Growing up cooking with her mother, Rebecca discovered her love for food at an early age. She credits her mother for giving her the courage to experiment with unique flavor combinations, such as her honey-drizzled salami pizza and elegant earl-grey cupcakes. When she’s not cooking, Rebecca can be found teaching group cooking classes on skills such as cheese making and food preservation and spending time with her husband and five boys.

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