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If you like cornbread (everyone likes cornbread), then fire up the fryer and get ready for a new addiction. This Southern side is perfect for family fish fries, holding its own against the traditional choice of biscuits Kate, Recipe Hunter

Kate Edeker


Hush Puppies

A golden-brown bite from the South

As the season of Lent rolls around, Friday finds families gathered around at the weekly fish fry, coleslaw included. But this Friday, follow the lead of the Southern kitchens and get ready for the crunchy and golden hush puppies. Originally fed to unruly dogs to quiet their barking—hush, puppies!—this side can hold its own at any family gathering. The batter for these tasty little bites is similar to cornbread, but rather than baked in the oven, hush puppies are fried until the outer layer is crispy. They take only a minute to stir together and then the thickened batter is dropped by the tablespoon into a hot skillet. Served hot and golden, these puppies are sure to outshine the main dish and might even put a welcomed hush onto the table.


Jocelyn Delk Adams

Founder of

Grandbaby Cake's Jocelyn Delk Adams

My cooking and baking philosophy is all about cooking from the heart while keeping things simple and flavorful.

Jocelyn follows in the honeyed tradition that her grandmother (Big Mamma Maggie) started in her Mississippi neighborhood: delicious treats made with enthusiasm and warmth. As an events and media producer, Jocelyn finds her moments of peace in her kitchen, baking for family and friends. Her blog, Grandbaby Cakes, revives family favorites like Classic Pancakes and Big Mama’s Biscuits and introduces new twists on the classics—Brown Butter Honey Cornbread anyone? She follows her Southern roots back to a culinary sweetness and sincerity that will bring a glow to any kitchen.

Visit Grandbaby Cakes and say hi to Jocelyn on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube (She’s everywhere!).


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