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Looking for a different way to bring some life to those Easter eggs? Add some spice to your Easter dinner with this easy, healthy, and boldly-flavored Indian Egg Curry. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Indian Egg Curry

Spicing up Easter

Why not add a little spice to your Easter dinner this year by combining two of our favorite things, eggs and curry, in this Indian Egg Curry! While this might sound unusual to even the savviest Indian food lover, egg curry is actually a very common dish in many parts of India. Since meat like chicken and lamb can be expensive (even outside of India!), eggs are an inexpensive, healthy, and filling addition to a spicy curry. Natalie starts hers by hard cooking eggs (which we’ve talked about how to do properly here and how to peel easily here). Then, a rich gravy is made using onions, ginger, garlic, chilies, tomatoes, and a combination of Indian spices. After the ingredients in the sauce blend together and thicken, the halved eggs are nestled in and allowed to absorb the flavors. With a dash of garam masala and a squeeze of lime at the end, this delicious curry is best served with basmati rice, quinoa (to make things even healthier), or your favorite Indian flatbread.


Natalie Perry

Food Blogger, Photographer, Diaper Changer

Natalie Perry from Perry's Plate

On a good day, I'm about 75% paleo/primal, but I'd never turn down a pizza invite or a plate of cookies. I also support farmers' markets, chickens that truly range free, and cows that eat grass.

Natalie is the blogger, photographer, and recipe developer behind Perry’s Plate where she shares her adventures in creating delicious, healthy meals for her family from her Reno, Nevada kitchen (with stunning photography, we must say!). As a busy mom with 3 small children, Natalie certainly has her hands full but she’s taken the responsibility of putting meals on the table as a challenge to develop creative, interesting recipes that are family-friendly AND nutritious. She focuses on a diet that’s heavy on fresh fruits, vegetables and high quality animal products and light on the grains. By keeping most of their meals healthier, it allows them the flexibility of indulging on special occasions without feeling guilty.

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