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Recipes containing Eggs


Italian Easter Pie

Italian Easter Pie Recipe

This tasty tradition comes to us from Italy, where its name varies from region to region, from Torta Pasqualina in Liguria to Pizza di Pasqua in Umbria. A dense quiche-like dish with some distinctive pizza qualities, Italian Easter Pie is typically enjoyed on Easter Sunday as a hearty way to break Lent. You’ve done so… Read More »

Plum Clafouti

Plum Clafouti

With Summer coming to an end, and fall quickly approaching, it’s time to use up the leftover stone fruit you may have in your pantry. This recipe takes on the classic French clafouti, a dessert traditionally composed of stone fruit and custard. This version uses softened, ripe plums, first sauteed in sugar and butter before… Read More »

Peach and Sweet Corn Muffins

Peach and Fresh Corn Muffins Recipe

Corn muffins are an old time confection that have been feeding people for centuries. Served on the sweet side, this oldie is a goody that keeps getting better. With batter made of rich cornmeal and whole kernels of fresh summer corn, this muffin has a fuller texture than an ordinary cornmeal muffin. For an additional… Read More »


Blueberry and Strawberry Clafouti

Blueberry Strawberry Clafoutis Recipe

Clafoutis are a traditional French dessert made with fruit and a thick, custard-like batter. Most commonly made with cherries, clafoutis can also feature other fruits like our favorite summer blueberries and strawberries. Inspired by a friend’s experimentation in the kitchen, Denise and Lenny mixed up a patriotic strawberry clafouti with blueberries added in that would… Read More »


Star Fruit Upside Down Cake

Star Fruit Upside Down Cake Recipe

Star fruit have marvelous presentation from the moment that they are sliced into five-pointed stars. Although star fruit are delicious on their own, this upside down cake brings the best of both worlds because it combines fresh fruit with caramel and cake. Slices of fresh, tart star fruit are layered into the bottom of the… Read More »


Gluten Free Coconut Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf

Gluten Free Coconut Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf

Lemon and poppy seeds seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly; it’s a classic combination. Davida does us one better and adds multiple variations of coconut into the mix (coconut sugar, coconut milk, coconut oil, flaked coconut), allowing the coconut flavor to shine through without being overpowering. Gluten-free baking can be intimidating, but… Read More »