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Recipes containing Feta

Creamy Asparagus Polenta Quiche

Creamy Asparagus Quiche

Meet Megan’s “brunch pie,” the best quiche you’ll ever find that only requires two eggs—one for the crust, one for the filling. Polenta and egg join forces for a soft yet sturdy crust that’s fluffy and sweet in that oh-so-comforting, warm polenta way. Megan folds the crust into a springform pan for simple slicing and… Read More »

Grilled Watermelon Salad with Feta

Grilled Watermelon Salad with Feta

Watermelon slices are a staple at cook-outs, picnics, and practically any summertime get-together that involves food. Whether you treat it like a palette-cleansing desert, carve the rind into a fruit salad bowl, or never seem to get a slice before it disappears, dribbling down your guests’ faces, you’ve got to try it grilled. The first… Read More »


Homemade Gyros

Homemade Gyros Recipe

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or need to satisfy those late-night hunger pangs, gyros are the perfect portable meal. Gyro meat is usually made with lamb or beef, slow-roasted on a turning spit and then shaved off in slices. Since we all don’t have a roasting spit lying around, Rebecca shows us how… Read More »

How to Make Pastitsio: The Greek Answer to Lasagna

Classic Pastitsio - Greek Layered Lasagna

Tired with regular old lasagna? Spice things up with pastitsio (pronounced pahs-TEET-see-o), the Greek version of lasagna. Layers of noodles, meaty tomato sauce and a creamy bechamel sauce are combined to create an indulgent Mediterranean casserole. The word “pastitsio” comes from the Italian word “pasticcio,” or a large family of savory, baked pies. Other places… Read More »


Warm Rice Salad with Chard, Feta, Walnuts, and Blood Orange

Warm Rice Salad with Chard, Feta, Walnuts, and Blood Orange

This is our new favorite winter salad. Nutty brown rice is tossed with sautéed chard (or whatever leafy greens you have around), toasted walnuts, orange zest, and a tangy deep-red blood orange vinaigrette that gets absorbed deep into the rice. Crumbles of feta cheese adds a salty kick but the really unique addition is chopped tarragon, a… Read More »


Whole Wheat Orzo Salad with Kale, Chickpeas, Lemon, and Feta

Whole Wheat Orzo Salad with Kale, Chickpeas, Lemon, and Feta

This is a pasta salad you don’t have to feel guilty about. Instead of using regular pasta, this recipe uses 100% whole wheat orzo for a whole-grain base then flavors it with the taste of the Mediterranean. Kale and chickpeas provide a healthful and protein-packed boost and a sprinkle of feta adds a tangy bite…. Read More »