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Recipes containing Ground Lamb


Lamb Kefta Kebabs

Lamb Kefta Kebabs

There are many types, methods, and spelling variations when it comes to meat-on-a-stick. Classically, kefta kebab refers to ground meat mixed with varying herbs and spices and rolled into meatballs or formed onto skewers to be cooked. Hailing from Turkey, where kebabs are served as street food, this recipe uses traditional ingredients and technique. Lauren… Read More »


Homemade Gyros

Homemade Gyros Recipe

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or need to satisfy those late-night hunger pangs, gyros are the perfect portable meal. Gyro meat is usually made with lamb or beef, slow-roasted on a turning spit and then shaved off in slices. Since we all don’t have a roasting spit lying around, Rebecca shows us how… Read More »


Moroccan Kefta Kebab

Moroccan Kefta Kebab

Kefta is traditionally a meat mixture, often of beef or lamb, mixed with savory spices like cumin, paprika, and even a bit of cinnamon for some warmth. You can form them into round meatballs or, more commonly, into log-shaped kebabs that are perfect for wrapping up inside of a pita or your favorite flatbread. In… Read More »