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Recipes containing Parsnip

Cheesy Parsnip Fries with Smoky Tahini Sauce

Cheesy Vegan Parsnip Fries with Smoky Tahini Sauce - the secret to making these fries "cheesy" and healthy is using nutritional yeast!

It seems like everyone and their mothers are making fries and chips out of non-traditional veggies these days. Kale chips and carrot fries are now mainstream. For good reason — you can replicate the texture and flavors of these favorite greasy snacks while reducing calories, increasing nutrients, and mixing in some vegetables you may not… Read More »


Roasted Winter Vegetable Chowder

Roasted Winter Vegetable Chowder

Many of us resist the changing seasons; cold, windy nights are certainly less inviting than their summer counterparts. But as this chowder simmers away on your stove, the house warms up, and dinner turn into a cozy affair. Most chowders come with clam as the star ingredient, but Karen cleverly makes use of the best… Read More »