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Recipes containing Provolone Cheese


Italian Easter Pie

Italian Easter Pie Recipe

This tasty tradition comes to us from Italy, where its name varies from region to region, from Torta Pasqualina in Liguria to Pizza di Pasqua in Umbria. A dense quiche-like dish with some distinctive pizza qualities, Italian Easter Pie is typically enjoyed on Easter Sunday as a hearty way to break Lent. You’ve done so… Read More »


Cuban Pork Sliders

Cuban Pork Sliders

In this creative recipe, Lauren takes all of the components of the classic Cuban sandwich and reinvents them into a handheld slider that’s perfect for your Game Day party. Pork loin is coated with a cumin and oregano spice mixture then seared and braised until full of flavor. Coat slider buns (store-bought or homemade using… Read More »