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Recipes containing Rhubarb


Strawberry Rhubarb Macarons


Currently one of the most popular imports from France, macarons are a light, meringue-based confectionary . Their airy biscuits, which sandwich sweet fillings, are typically made with egg whites and almond flour—and a lot of patience. The batter can be tricky and temperamental and requires about 2 hours to make. But never fear, Gina has… Read More »


Rhubarb Collins

Rhubarb Tom Collins from Flourishing Foodie

The bright, tart flavor of rhubarb, beloved for its use in pies and in combination with strawberries, gets a starring role in these easy drinks! Heather uses the beautiful pink color of rhubarb stalks to create a flavored simple syrup whose color is just as lively as it is tasty. A classic Tom Collins is… Read More »