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Recipes containing Sesame Seed


Hawaiian Salmon Poke

Hawaiian Salmon Poke

You don’t have to leave the mainland for a taste of island cuisine! As the newest state in the Union, Hawaii has a rich cultural and culinary past as a crossroads of East and West. Poke (pronounced poh-keh) is one such delicious result. Love sushi, but don’t love the effort involved? Get your raw fish… Read More »


Dukkah Crusted Baked Brie

Dukkah Crusted Baked Brie

Having guests over tonight or anytime during the holidays and struggling with what to put out as a snack with cocktails? Everyone loves baked brie…but everyone does it the same way. This recipe makes classic baked brie an elegant, unique, and internationally-inspired appetizer by crusting a wheel of goat milk brie (which Sylvie prefers here)… Read More »


Korean-style Steamed Eggplant

Korean Steamed Eggplant

Steaming is a staple technique in Asian cuisines, from dumplings and buns to whole fish and vegetables. Cooking long and slender Japanese eggplants in a bath of steam allows them to become tender and velvety without turning into mush. After being cut into batons for easier eating using scissors (so you don’t tear them apart… Read More »


California Rolls

Chef Marc Matsumoto

Marc teaches us that enjoying sushi does not have to be saved just for restaurants. This recipe shows you step-by-step how to master the California Roll. And his pictures are drool-worthy. In this recipe, Marc shares the origins of the oh-so-popular California Roll (in the United States, nonetheless) and how it’s become a staple in U.S…. Read More »