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Recipes containing Unsalted Butter

Fish Piccata with Barramundi

Fish Piccata with Barramundi

You’ve heard of veal piccata…and chicken piccata…but fish piccata? Yes! While you have to be selective about what type of fish to use in this preparation, a mildly-flavored, firm-fleshed white fish like barramundi can rise to the occasion. Amy lightly dredges the fish in flour before sautéing it in olive oil. In the same pan,… Read More »

Barramundi en Papillote

Barramundi en Papillote

One of the best methods to cook fish is en papillote, or baked in a packet made out of parchment paper. First, a piece of fish is placed in the center of a piece of parchment then topped with flavorful aromatics like citrus, herbs, and vegetables along with a small pad of butter. The parchment is… Read More »


The Best Fudgy Brownies

Simply Perfect Brownies from Scratch

Put down that box! It’s easy to quickly grab packaged brownie mix when walking through the store, but you can make delicious homemade brownies right from your cabinet staples- and customize them to your own preferences. Cakey brownies are known for their fluffy texture but can have a lackluster chocolate punch while chewy brownies try… Read More »


Autumn Apple Tarte Tatin

Autumn Apple Tarte Tatin

The classic Tarte Tatin is perfect example of a happy accident. According to its origin story, said tasty pastry was born at the Hotel Tatin, in Lamotte-Beuvron, France. There is some debate and urban legend surrounding its invention, but the story generally goes that Stéphanie Tatin, co-owner of the hotel with her sister Caroline, was… Read More »


Flaky Gluten Free Pie Dough

Flaky Gluten Free Pie Dough

As pie baking season is upon us, it’s time to get back to basics with a simple, classic, and perfect pie dough recipe. Even if you’re on a gluten free diet, you shouldn’t have to miss out on layers of tender, flaky crust, ready to be filled with your favorite fillings. But, as with many… Read More »


Slow Cooker Apple-Cinnamon Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut Oatmeal

Who feels like waking up extra early on a cold morning to schlep around the kitchen and prepare a full breakfast? Not us – we’d rather put in the work the night before. If you have a slow cooker handy then Liza has got the perfect recipe for you to try out (and if not,… Read More »


Applesauce Cupcakes with Maple Brown Sugar Cloud Frosting

Applesauce Cupcakes with Maple Brown Sugar Cloud Frosting

It’s time to put away the summer fruit and bust out the apples in all of our fall desserts. In these simple yet impressive cupcakes, Carrie mixes applesauce into the batter, not only giving the cake an apple flavor throughout but also keeping it moist while baking. And instead of using a traditional frosting, she… Read More »


Ultimate Summer Fruit Cobbler

Ultimate Fruit Cobbler

When we’re looking for desserts to add to our lifelong repertoire, we like to find recipes that are flexible, allowing us to adapt and change them based on the what we have, what we love, or what we’re craving. This recipe is aptly named a Summer Fruit Cobbler (not a berry or peach cobbler) because… Read More »




Whether for a Labor Day cookout, after school snack, or even a late night treat, these Carmelita bars are an indulgent way to satisfy a sweet tooth craving. The best part is that they’re also uber-simple to make for a crowd! Mallory starts hers with a brown sugar oat base, which is first baked then… Read More »


Peach Amaretto Tart (Gluten Free)

Gluten Free Peach Amaretto Tart

Let’s be clear- like anything Allie makes, this is not your plain-old average tart. Starting from a homemade almond crust base, Allie takes advantage of the first peaches coming in and whips up this quick tart that even the pickiest eaters won’t be able to tell is gluten-free. Velvety no-bake cheesecake filling provides a cushion… Read More »