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Recipes containing Water


Vegetarian Greek Stuffed Peppers

Greek Stuffed Peppers

Waffle cones, taco bowls, bacon cups…When you can eat the dish that a meal is served in, it just make things a little more fun. In this case, red bell peppers are destemmed, deseeded, and sliced horizontally to create an incredible, edible base for this easy and healthy millet salad. Ashley at Edible Perspective favors… Read More »

Blackberry and Creamy Goat Cheese Sticky Buns

Blackberry and Creamy Goat Cheese Sticky Buns

A great Sunday brunch with friends or family is crucial to ending the perfect weekend. While it’s easy to roll out of bed around noon and stop by your favorite brunch spot, it’s way more rewarding to get into the kitchen and make something from scratch–and what’s more comforting than warm sticky buns? This recipe… Read More »


Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

When life gives you lemons, mix them up with some seasonal berries and indulge in fresh strawberry lemonade. Adding fresh fruit and herbs to beverages is an easy way to spruce up a delicious, but basic childhood favorite. Denise and Lenny start with a thyme-infused strawberry simple syrup made with sugar, strawberries, and sprigs of… Read More »


Brussels Sprout and Tempeh Stir Fry

Brussels Sprout and Tempeh Stir Fry Recipe

Go meatless one night this week and sub in soybean-based tempeh for a protein source that may surprise you. Although tofu (which is also made from soybeans) is an excellent meat alternative, tempeh provides a bit more substance for a heartier dinner. The fermented bean cake is dense and chewy, with a slight nutty flavor,… Read More »


Authentic Churros


Dunkin’ Donuts? Dunk these churros instead. These tasty pastries have fans worldwide: In Spain they are served simply with a cup of thick, rich, chocolate for your dunking pleasure, across Latin America they are a popular street food, and in the US you will frequently find them rolled in cinnamon sugar. However you take your… Read More »

Classic Spanish Flan

How to Make Classic Spanish Flan

Flan, also known as crème caramel, is a traditional custard dessert served with a thin layer of soft caramel that has become ubiquitous in Spanish-speaking countries. The egg-based concoction dates back to Roman times, when both sweet and savory variations were popular. An easy, yet elegant dish, flan can be prepared in a bundt pan… Read More »

Panko Crusted Barramundi Sticks with Harissa Aioli

Panko Crusted Barramundi Sticks with Harissa Aioli

Did you eat fish sticks as a child? Over here, we’re on both sides of the fence. Half of the people wouldn’t touch them, the other half swore by them multiple times a week. Well, if the fish sticks of our yesteryears looked like this, there’s no doubt that we’d firmly be on the “yay”… Read More »


The Best New York Style Pizza Dough

Served piping hot, everything from the crisp of the first bite, to the strings of melted mozzarella that stretch as you pull away, to the satisfying grease spot left on the plate, makes classic Brooklyn style pizza one of the best foods in existence.


Chinese Scallion Pancakes

Chinese scallion pancakes

Although scallion pancakes grace many Chinese take-out menus, it’s just as easy (and fresher-tasting) to make them at home. It’s all about kneading, layering, and rolling the dough with this recipe; proper handling of the dough ensures a flaky and crispy pancake every time. Sandra shows how, when properly made, simple ingredients of flour and… Read More »