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The only thing that can make a cookie better is when it's spiked! This white chocolate chip cookie recipe gets an extra dose of Irish love from a healthy splash of Irish cream liqueur. Kate, Recipe Hunter

Kate Swanson, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Irish Cream White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies spiked with Irish love

Are you one of those people who really looks forward to an ice cold glass of Irish cream liqueur after dinner? Wait, that’s only us? Either way, a rich, vanilla-laden Irish cream like Bailey’s (or your favorite brand) is best known in the cocktail world. With its sweet flavor and creamy consistency, Irish cream adds a ton of flavor and just the right amount of kick to an after-dinner drink. But did you know that you can bake with it as well? In this recipe, Jen spikes her white chocolate chip cookie recipe with a healthy glug of Irish cream for a boozy kick that’s perfect for your St. Paddy’s Day party. These cookies are sweet, soft, and chewy with just the right amount of alcohol to know that you’re enjoying a dessert for grown ups. Make sure to have a tall glass of milk nearby…or just another glass of Irish cream…to dunk the cookies into.


Jennifer Farley

Recipe Developer and Food Photographer

Jennifer Farley from Savory Simple

I believe that anyone can be an amazing cook. All it takes are a few basic techniques and a willingness to experiment.

From her Washington DC kitchen, Jen is the food blogger, recipe developer, and photographer behind Savory Simple, where she shares her take on gourmet food made easy. A few years ago, Jen indulged her passion for food and took the the leap that many of us can only dream of – she went to culinary school! Since graduating in 2010, Jen has been cooking and baking professionally. Although she has formal training, the thing we love about Jen’s style is that her recipes are elegant without being fussy, using creative, seasonal combinations of ingredients and flavors to create unique dishes. Inspired by her curiosity of experimenting in the kitchen and influenced by her travels, Jen’s blog is filled with creative sweet and savory dishes that will make any of us stars in our own kitchen.

Head over to Savory Simple and say hello to Jen on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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