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Kiss of Light Margarita

A 46 ingredient margarita in 5 minutes

Once in a while, we like to stray away from the traditional margarita combination of tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur for something a little different. By changing up each of the components just a little bit, you can end up with an entirely new creation, like this Kiss of Light Margarita. Using a good blanco tequila as the base, Renee adds a splash of Licor 43 – the 43 ingredient Spanish liqueur – instead of triple sec and any other sweetener. With its sweet vanilla, citrus, and spice flavor, the Licor 43 adds a unique depth to this cocktail turning an otherwise classic drink into something special. Instead of using lime juice alone, we also love that Renee finishes this drink with a squeeze of seasonal blood orange juice for a beautiful color. Is it happy hour yet?


Renee Dobbs

Domestic Goddess and Blogger

Renee Dobbs from Magnolia Days

I believe in cooking a wide variety of foods; savory, sweet, healthy, decadent, and more. Food is an adventure and all you need is a willingness to try new things.

From her Georgia kitchen, Renee is the “domestic goddess” and blogger behind Magnolia Days where she shares her experiences in food, wine, and gardening. As someone who loves to explore the world of food through her cooking, Renee is a “culinary adventurer” who’s always willing to try new things while encouraging us to do the same! On her blog, you’ll find a collection of sweet, savory, healthy, and decadent recipes along with gardening tips and wine recommendations to help you make your home a special place.

Head over to Magnolia Days and say hello to Renee on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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