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Welcome summer with this fruity, tropical-inspired take on white sangria, soaked with sweet chunks of mango, peaches, mint, and a splash of Grand Marnier. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Mango, Mint, and Peach Sangria

A tropical-inspired summertime sangria

The summer sun is poking its head through the clouds and as backyards everywhere are firing up their grills for BBQs, cookouts, and picnics, that means it’s time for one thing – sangria! While there are countless variations of sangria using red wine and even sparkling wine, for something just as refreshing, try out a white sangria, which pairs extraordinarily well with the bright fruit of the season. Lauren puts a tropical spin on her version, using chunks of sweet mango and slices of fresh peaches along with a smash of mint for an herbal touch. Soaked in pinot grigio and spiked with orange-flavored Grand Marnier, this sangria is best served ice cold, preferably on a sunny patio with friends.


Lauren Grier

Food and Lifestyle Blogger

Lauren Grier from Climbing Grier Mountain

Climbing Grier Mountain is all about embracing curiosity. I think of my kitchen as a playground full of endless opportunities to make dishes that reflect life’s experiences and shenanigans. My recipes are fresh, flavorful, and adventurous just like Colorado.

Lauren is the food and lifestyle blogger behind Climbing Grier Mountain, where she shares her recipes, travel experiences, and local recommendations from her home in Denver. Her style is all about “embracing curiosity” and allowing her kitchen to be a playground where she can use her travels and experiences to inspire delicious, fresh recipes. And, we love that Lauren writes about more than just recipes! Her blog is a reflection of the adventurous surroundings of Colorado, filled with restaurant recommendations, travel memories, and more.

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