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Old Bay, egg, and few fillers make all the difference in recreating a traditional, no-nonsense Maryland crab cake. A Maryland native herself, Laura offers a recipe that relies on minimal ingredients and focuses on the lump crab meat at hand. Caroline, Recipe Hunter

Caroline Cassard


The Maryland Crab Cake

The real-deal, sophisticated version of a crab feast

Crab cakes are fit for mini appetizers, sandwiches, and simply eaten solo with a lemon wedge on the side. Most restaurants gravitate toward imported jumbo lump crab since diners assume bigger means better. But authentic Baltimore crab cakes consist of finer meat that doesn’t fall apart. Laura’s recipe on Tide and Thyme relies on the basics: fresh lump crab meat, egg, a bit of flour, and Old Bay, a mixture of herbs and spices including red and black pepper, ginger, bay leaves and top-secret ingredients. Free from the Louisiana style’s onion and pepper add-ins, Laura’s creamy yet minimal mayo and egg mixture binds backfin blue crab meat together in a fried cake. With minimal seasonings, this recipe allows the crab meat itself to take center stage. A cast iron skillet bubbling with vegetable oil ties the fine meat together at top and bottom. Grab a fork and break open the warm, golden, Maryland-approved cake, bursting with fresh crab.


Laura Davis

Homemaker, Food Blogger, Homebrewer

Laura Davis from Tide and Thyme

I love my life at the beach with my little family, here on Maryland's Eastern Shore. I try to cook from scratch as often as I can, and really take pride in my accomplishments in the kitchen.

Even with 2 little ones running around, Laura prides herself in continuing to put handmade, home-cooked food on the table. As the blogger behind Tide and Thyme, she creates seasonally-inspired, from-scratch recipes using the bounty of what comes from the land and sea of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where she lives. Her recipes are creative and unique while still being approachable and you can tell that she puts a whole lotta’ love in everything she makes. If we learn one thing from Laura, it’s that homemade is always better so skip the takeout and store-bought and make something yourself!

Head over to Tide and Thyme and say hello to Laura on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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