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Sometimes you just need something fresh, and what’s fresher than cool and relaxing mint? In his mint-infused tabouleh, David takes this aromatic herb and infuses its flavor directly into quinoa and green peas ensuring this quinoa tabbouleh is a standalone, flavorful dish. - Nisreen, Recipe Hunter Nisreen, Recipe Hunter

Nisreen Galloway, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Mint-Infused Quinoa Tabbouleh

Summertime tabbouleh without the wheat

Whether they’re bright yellow, rich reds, or shades of green, summertime makes the most out of fresh ingredients. And with no exception, David’s mint Infused quinoa tabouleh is at the height of freshness. Pure mint leaves are brewed into an herbal liquid and then used as a base for both the quinoa and peas to cook. Then, an apple cider and lemon sauce is whisked to bring all these flavors together in one flavorful and unique dish. Throw it together and chill for a picnic the next day or whip it up in the morning and serve at dinner. Either way this wonderful and delicious tabouleh is sure to stand out with its many shades of green and deliciousness.


David Santori

Food Blogger & Photography Enthusiast

Frenchie and the Yankee

David Santori

Cooking is about sharing and imparting an experience or a flavor with friends and family. It can be as simple as a celebration of seasons or a trip down memory lane, and as complex as the blending of cultures and nutrition into one.

David’s style proves that we really do eat with our eyes first. A French expat, he has called the U.S. home since 1999 but still travels often, sharing his memories with us. What we love about his food writing is that it’s about much more than just the recipe. It’s about the story, the people, and the inspiration behind the dish. A fantastic photographer, David always shares a plethora of photos of the places he’s been that have led him to come up with a particular recipe so you feel like you’re right there with him. Thanks for sharing your stories and recipes with us David!

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