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Served in a metal cup to keep the chill, and overflowing with crushed ice, fresh mint and bourbon, there’s nothing better on a hot, humid day. It’s no wonder it’s the official drink of America’s most famous race. Beth, Recipe Hunter

Beth Wittenstein, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Mint Julep

Place your bets on the hottest drink of summer at the Kentucky Derby.

Made with fresh mint, bourbon, sugar, and crushed ice, the Mint Julep is the official beverage of the Kentucky Derby. While many types of glassware are versatile and appropriate for all kinds of drinks, a specialized metal cup is traditional for making this iconic drink. The silver or pewter cup fosters frost better than glass, which in turn cools the drinker’s hand for a doubly refreshing refuge from the southern heat and humidity. For convenience, many bars serve Mint Juleps in a highball glass, but Todd sticks to tradition with his artfully arranged beverage. Muddled mint leaves at the bottom of the cup provide flavor and a carefully placed sprig of mint next to the straw ensures a fresh whiff with each sip. Add that to the frosty condensation, and we’re willing to bet this drink will become your go-to for summer.


Todd Wagner

Drink Editor, HonestlyYUM

Todd Wagner

Whether I'm experimenting with something new or sticking to the classics, I enjoy mixing drinks that put smiles on people's faces. I love fresh herbs, amaros, crushed ice, swizzle sticks, egg whites, and vintage glassware. Oh, and rum…I like rum.

Todd is the innovative drinks editor for HonestlyYUM, a collaborative hub of inspirational recipes, DIY ideas, and tips for party planning. From classic beverages to mind-blowing adaptations like his Negroni Cocktail Sphere, all of his creations capture our attention with stunning photography and detailed tutorials. Todd got his beverage crafting start in the restaurant industry before venturing out on his own with Baytenders Cocktail Catering, the company he co-founded. Lucky for us, he traded his bar towel for a camera and starting creating the amazing content that we’ve been ogling over. When he isn’t cocktailing in his kitchen, Todd is a rock climber, binge coffee drinker, and part-time animal photographer — at least of his dog Grizzly who makes frequent appearances on the blog and social media pages.

Head over to HonestlyYUM and say hello to Todd on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


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