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Mushroom and cheese empanadas may sound simple, but your taste buds are in for a surprise! These little pockets of joy have a tangy-sweet component that plays wonderfully with the earthy, savory flavors of the mushrooms and cheese. Julia, Recipe Hunter

Julia Rackow, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Mushroom Cheese Empanadas

Handheld treats for National Empanada Day

Versatile, portable, storable…and you get to eat them with your hands! Empanadas are impossible not to love, which is why it makes perfect sense to have a holiday in their honor. To celebrate National Empanada Day 2013, journey beyond the classic meat fillings and take a bite out of these sumptuous and savory mushroom and cheese empanadas. The meatiness of the mushrooms and the excellent meltability of the fontina cheese in this recipe make for a Latin American dish that is incredibly satisfying. But what really makes this recipe exciting is the inclusion of raisins. They not only add even more textural dimension, but their sweet fruity flavor mingles with the other ingredients to create a mouthful that tantalizes every part of your palate. You can buy pre-made dough or whip up your own–either way this is a quick and easy vegetarian empanada recipe worth celebrating!


Layla Pujol from Laylita's Recipes

My food is about sharing memories and traditions with family and friends. Most of my recipes are inspired by Latin/South American flavors, but I also love incorporating fresh local ingredients and creating new dishes

Layla is the Seattle-based food writer and photographer behind Laylita’s Recipes, a blog started with the goal of sharing the Ecuadorian cuisine of her childhood with friends and family. An often under-represented cuisine, we love that she takes the time to explain what makes Ecuadorian food different from other South American cultures. But Layla’s love of food isn’t limited to one country! Browse through her website and you’ll find mouthwatering recipes inspired by French, Italian, North American, and South American traditions. All of Layla’s recipes are bright and fresh, incorporating colorful, seasonal ingredients sure to spice up any meal.

Head over to Laylita’s Recipes and say hello to Layla on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


5 Tips for Leak-Free Empanadas

Crispy, flaky sweet or savory filled empanadas are a delicious appetizer but can be tricky to make. Here are 5 tricks to making perfect leak-free empanadas.

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