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You can feel good about eating chocolate for breakfast or dessert with this dish. So rich, creamy, and satisfying that you'll never know it's good for you. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


“Nutella” Overnight Dessert Oats

Chocolate for breakfast and oats for dessert

Most of us are used to having oatmeal as a breakfast item but Jessica ingeniously transforms them into an indulgent no-cook dessert. Soaking rolled oats overnight with a combination of dessert-inspired flavorings gives them a chewy yet pleasant texture and a deep flavor. And, the addition of ground flaxseed allows them to become thick and creamy. Make a batch the night before and you’ll have a grab-and-go breakfast ready to go in the morning. With breakfast this indulgent, you’ll never guess you’re eating something that’s actually good for you.


Jessica Stier

University Student, Food Blogger

Jessica Stier from Chockohlawtay

I love desserts, but I also appreciate my health. When I bake, I use top-notch ingredients with nutritional benefits... I ask, "how will this ingredient benefit me?" If it doesn't have any benefits, I don't use it, yet none of my desserts sacrifice on taste!

Jessica is an aspiring Registered Dietician who’s dream is to open up her own healthy bakery. Currently a university student majoring in Nutritional Sciences, she shares her healthful approach to cooking and baking on her blog, Desserts with Benefits. But, unlike most college students, Jess puts her health and fitness first while still giving herself the opportunity to indulge in smarter ways. We love her unique approach to baking and desserts that sneaks in healthful ingredients allowing us to have that sweet treat every night and still feel good about what we’re putting into our bodies.


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