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Scotch eggs are an old British picnic staple that are coming back into style, and rightfully so. Though they're traditionally fried, this baked version gets beautifully crispy without the mess. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Oven Baked Scotch Eggs

A British picnic staple reinvented

Traditionally, Scotch Eggs were a made-at-home British picnic staple that have now come back into style in restaurants and gastropubs around the world. The composition is all about layers of flavor and texture. A tender, perfectly hard-cooked egg is wrapped in a layer of sausage, then breaded and baked until crispy. A bite through starts with the crunchy exterior, moves into the savoriness of the sausage, and ends with a creamy yolk. So, where did the name “scotch eggs” come from?  Claimed to have been invented at the British department store Fortnum & Mason in 1738, scotch eggs come from the word “scotched,” referring to the preparation method of coating and frying something with bread crumbs, often minced meat. Although these are great to take on the go, we love a couple of them served with a simple salad for an elegant lunch or dinner.


Kristin Jensen from Edible Ireland

Coming from the US, where food travels 1,500 miles on average to reach your plate, I believe that on this small island, all Irish food is local food. There's never been a better time to celebrate it.

When Kristin chased love in Ireland in 1999, she thought she’d be back in the United States after a few years of adventure. Thirteen years later, she’s still in Ireland, now with a husband and 2 children. Lucky for us, she’s also become one of the most active bloggers in Ireland, co-founding the Irish Food Bloggers Association and sharing her explorations of the local food scene in and out of her kitchen on Edible Ireland. One of the things we love about Kristin is that her style is comforting and welcoming while celebrating the richness of the people and the products of the local food scene in Ireland. It’s all about showcasing the best of what’s available at arm’s reach in her unique recipes. Packing our bags…now.

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How to Hard Cook Eggs

Hard cooked eggs are often boiled until they're rubbery with a grey ring yolk. This is a simple technique on how to make perfect hard cooked eggs.

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