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Hot Cross Buns French Toast Breakfast Sandwich

Hot Cross Buns French Toast Breakfast Sandwich - batter and griddle leftover hot cross buns like French toast then top with cheese, sausage, and a fried egg for the best breakfast sandwich ever.

Are you on Team Love ‘Em or Team Hate ‘Em when it comes to leftovers? When it’s just the same thing reheated the next day, we’ll pass but then there are holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter when leftovers can magically transform into something else. Dare we say, often something better than the original? If you’re… Read More »

Cocoa Cannolis with Ricotta-Mascarpone Cream

Cannoli Recipe

Sweet-tooths will line up for blocks to wait for an authentic Italian bakery’s cannoli. The Sicilian pastries can be filled with ricotta or mascarpone, but Mandy combines the best of both. Her take is as authentic as it gets: hand-rolled cannoli dough, hand-dipped, fried shells, and fresh, homemade ricotta combined with mascarpone for an incredibly light… Read More »

Homemade Gyros

Homemade Gyros Recipe

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or need to satisfy those late-night hunger pangs, gyros are the perfect portable meal. Gyro meat is usually made with lamb or beef, slow-roasted on a turning spit and then shaved off in slices. Since we all don’t have a roasting spit lying around, Rebecca shows us how… Read More »

Sunflower Seed Tabbouleh with Radishes

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to say sayonara to heavy soups and stews, and make room for fresher, lighter delights such as this playful take on Middle Eastern tabbouleh. Andrew’s wholesome dish pops with color, flavor, and texture, beginning with a creative tweak on the parsley component (a key flavor agent in any… Read More »

Apricot, Brown Sugar, and Bourbon Glazed Ham

Apricot, Brown Sugar, and Bourbon Glazed Ham

This glazed ham recipe will surely take the spotlight at your holiday gathering this year. It’s so simple and tasty that it could be used for any other special occasion throughout the year as well. Nicole breaks down her recipe into two sections, making it foolproof even for the most challenged of cooks. By using… Read More »

Captain’s Lime Shandy

Captain's Lime Shandy

You could go the Italian route and drink your pizza with a glass of vino, but why not switch it up for the other classic combo: pizza and beer? This cocktail is bright and fresh-just in time for the spring. A shandy is usually a mixture of beer and sparkling lemonade, but Katie puts on… Read More »

Sicilian Pizza with Eggplant

Sicilian Pizza with Eggplant - a classic Sicilian-style pan pizza with seared eggplant, red onions, and basil #pizzaweek

This recipe is part of 2014 #PizzaWeek, a week-long blogging event celebrating cheese, carbs, and cheese on top of carbs. Stuffed crust, deep dish, and thick crust enthusiasts can finally agree on one order: Sicilian pizza. But don’t mistake the square slice for a mysterious school cafeteria meal of your past. Sicilian dough stretches across an olive… Read More »

Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza

Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza

Everyone knows to make a perfect pizza it’s crust, then sauce, cheese, and finally toppings right? Not so, cry Chicagoans, doing a switcheroo to what most people consider the “traditional” pizza layering order. Classic Chicago-style deep-dish is inches deep and lovingly layered with mozzarella, marinara, and your favorite toppings. A thick layer of fresh mozzarella… Read More »

The Best New York Style Pizza Dough

Served piping hot, everything from the crisp of the first bite, to the strings of melted mozzarella that stretch as you pull away, to the satisfying grease spot left on the plate, makes classic Brooklyn style pizza one of the best foods in existence.

Texas French Toast Bake

Texas French Toast Bake

Up the ante on your french toast routine by swapping out brioche for Texas Toast. Assembling the ingredients the night before in a casserole dish turns it into a major timesaver in the kitchen. When you’re expecting a crowd of hungry people awaiting a full breakfast, preparing any dish in advance can be a lifesaver…. Read More »

Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake

This sweet, spongy cake with its golden brown crust is the perfect canvas for a spoonful of strawberries. Made with only seven ingredients and a bit of patience, this homemade dessert is moist, tender, and light. It gets its rise, not from baking powder or baking soda, but solely from egg whites that are beaten… Read More »

The Cin-Cyn Cocktail

The Cin Cyn Cocktail - a variation of the Negroni with Cynar instead of Campari

Most people are scared enough to prep and eat artichokes, much less drink them! Similar to its cousin, the Negroni, this cocktail is made in a simple ratio of 1 :1:1. While the Negroni is typically equal parts of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, the Cin Cyn puts Campari to the side in favor of… Read More »


Shakshuka Recipe

Tunisian in origin and a staple today in many cuisines throughout the Middle East, “shakshuka” translates roughly to mean “a mixture,” a fitting name indeed for a dish that serves as the harmonious meeting point of several subtly different tastes and textures. Because it appears on the breakfast (and dinner) tables of so many cultures… Read More »