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Toasting the chickpeas in this hearty salad gives them a nutty, caramelized flavor and a cooling curried yogurt offsets the heat from harissa, a Tunisian hot chili sauce. Sarah, Recipe Hunter

Sarah Lim, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Pan-Fried Chickpea Salad with Curried Yogurt

A healthy, hearty, boldly-flavored chickpea salad

Chickpeas are such a healthy, inexpensive, and versatile ingredient and this hearty salad combines a host of international flavors into a delicious weeknight salad. Toasting the chickpeas gives them a nutty taste and slightly crispy exterior and the addition of harissa, a fiery Tunisian hot chili paste, gives the entire dish just a little bit of heat. Tossed with arugula and topped with a cooling curried yogurt sauce, this is a big-flavored salad you can feel good about eating over and over again.


Susan Pridmore

Food Blogger & Cooking Instructor

The Wimpy Vegetarian

Susan Pridmore

How we eat and live are best pursued with balance. I'm not completely vegetarian and not likely to be, but I cook mostly plant-based dishes and only use meat / fish as a condiment, rather than the main event.

Susan is based out of Northern California and is a self-acclaimed “Flexitarian,” balancing the personal desire to move towards a vegetarian diet with a family who enjoys their meat. We love how practical and balanced she is towards her vegetarian cooking, making it seasonal, delicious, and hearty enough for even the most bullish carnivore. These kale chips are just one example of her recipes that look too good to turn down!

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What is Curry Powder?

Here's a handy tip to help you make this Pan-Fried Chickpea Salad with Curried Yogurt recipe.

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  • SShow

    So I made this recipe a couple nights ago (during Superstorm Sandy), with a couple modifications, and it was great! While sauteing the chickpeas, we added a little garlic. We cut the raw red onions and olives (not by choice, just didnt have any at home), and instead added pomegranate seeds and sliced almonds. The crunch and sweetness of the pomegranate seeds really complemented the heat from the harissa and savory of the curried yogurt.

    • @86d83d9de6498b59df3ae01c6d3b3d39:disqus – what a creative way to change up the recipe. The pomegranate seeds and sliced almonds sound absolutely delicious and make it even more North African inspired. Thanks for sharing!

    • The Wimpy Vegetarian

      I love the changes you made! I’m throwing pomegranate seeds into everything right now. I’m so happy you tried the recipe and liked it!!