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Panko Crusted Barramundi Sticks with Harissa Aioli

Grown up fish sticks

Did you eat fish sticks as a child? Over here, we’re on both sides of the fence. Half of the people wouldn’t touch them, the other half swore by them multiple times a week. Well, if the fish sticks of our yesteryears looked like this, there’s no doubt that we’d firmly be on the “yay” side of the line. To revamp this childhood favorite, Kelli cuts fillets of firm-fleshed barramundi into batons then coats them with light and airy panko breadcrumbs (also known as Japanese breadcrumbs). Instead of frying them, however, Kelli bakes the sticks in the oven until golden and crispy. And who needs tartar sauce when you can have aioli? Using a blender for ease, whip up a homemade aioli spiced with one of our favorite condiments, fiery North African harissa.


Kelli Dunn

Food Blogger & Recipe Developer

Kelli Dunn from The Corner Kitchen

I work wonders & create fresh, seasonal meals in my 20 square foot kitchen. While I have a huge sweet tooth, healthy cooking and eating are the core to maintaining my active lifestyle.

Kelli works wonders out of her tiny (and by tiny, we mean 20 sq. ft.) kitchen in NYC and shares her cooking adventures through her blog, The Corner Kitchen. A graduate of the world-renowned French Culinary Institute, Kelli balances her passion for food (and her sweet tooth) with an active and healthy lifestyle. Although she has serious culinary training, we love how fresh, seasonal, and approachable all of her recipes are. And, given her limited space, the breadth of her recipes brings a whole new meaning to the word “resourceful.”

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