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An American oldie, hot corn muffins are a dish that’s hard to beat. All buttered up, corn muffins are perfect anytime and any season. But wait, because this golden treat just got even sweeter. Baked with chunks of fresh peaches and kernels of corn off the cob, you can slather it in honey and butter and call it a day. Or just eat them all day, because these muffins have got the tangy sweet taste of summer. Ellen, Recipe Hunter

Ellen Parmar


Peach and Sweet Corn Muffins

Sweet peaches, these corn muffins are good!

Corn muffins are an old time confection that have been feeding people for centuries. Served on the sweet side, this oldie is a goody that keeps getting better. With batter made of rich cornmeal and whole kernels of fresh summer corn, this muffin has a fuller texture than an ordinary cornmeal muffin. For an additional summery experience, this muffin layers succulent fresh chopped peaches folded inside the batter so that it’s packed with sugary sweet tanginess in every mouthful. After it has cooled off just enough to bite into, drizzle warm honey over it or spread creamy butter inside. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal treat to share with friends, or wholesome pick-me-up that will satisfy a sweet tooth, these corn muffins can be enjoyed as a breakfast treat, snack, or killer side dish.


Liz McAvoy

Social Media Professional, Lifestyle Blogger

Liz McAvoy

As a lifelong pescetarian, I learned from a very early age about how to innovate with food. My parents were so great in the kitchen and always got the kids in on helping to prep meals from the get-go -- meaning it didn't take me very long to become entirely smitten with cooking. Fast forward to adulthood, and I've continued self-teaching as my passion for food has grown. I adore anything seasonal and I love a challenging new recipe, but I always come back to those recipes my mom made when we were little.

Liz is the fun-spirited voice behind What Dress Code?. This Washington D.C. city girl has an eye for fresh fads in fashion, style, and of course some capital recipes. With upcoming holidays and seasonal fruits and veggies in mind, her blog is full of current dishes to catching up on. Whether you’re hosting a patriotic 4th of July get together and are need of some themed appetizers that will impress your guests, or you’re on the hunt for some classy cookies for an Oscars viewing party, this once Southern girl has got the knack for entertaining.

We love how Liz brings her spontaneous and whimsical side to the kitchen, and creates an array of trendy and global inspired recipes. Just like her blog suggests, there isn’t a strict dress code to the kinds of treats that she shares, but fortunately for us, it’s what’s fresh, hot, and happening. Her blog is a mosaic of sweet and savory bites packed with bright colors and fresh flavors.

Head over to What Dress Code? and say hello to Liz on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.


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