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Unabashedly indulgent, these cinnamon buns will leave your kitchen smelling like you just stepped into your neighborhood bakery. Em’s combination of yeasty dough, spices, and luscious cream cheese frosting make for a recipe worthy of sticking your fork into. Marleena, Recipe Hunter

Marleena Eyre


Perfect Cinnamon Buns

Pillowy cinnamon buns worthy of becoming a classic

We love tearing into ooey gooey cinnamon buns. While they do take a great deal of time to make, this recipe splits the steps so that you don’t have to wake up extra early. The addition of buttermilk makes for a tender roll, and allowing the dough to rest overnight in the fridge lends a deeply complex flavor, bringing out the yeasty goodness outstanding cinnamon buns are known for. Sweet ribbons of cream cheese frosting take this recipe from satisfying to wanting to devour the entire pan in one sitting. The frosting seeps into the warm pastries just after they are taken out of the oven allowing for major flavor infusion. This is one recipe that you will want to sink your teeth into after making them for a Sunday brunch crowd, or after baking a batch for a weeknight dessert.


Emine Hassan

Journalism Student and Teaching Assistant at Fair Cake


The most indulgent and delicious desserts are those made with full fat everything, so I try to include that in my baking.

We would be hard pressed to find anyone who could easily pry themselves away from the gorgeous photos of buttercream-laiden baked goods and perfectly set macarons on MBakes. When she’s not in school, Em indulges in her sweet side by working at her local cake shop based out of London, England. This chocolate lover doesn’t shy away from decadence, and has a particular affinity for baked goods. She keeps her recipes simply indulgent, allowing the flavors to sing to their full tune. Whether you bake using the metric system or the imperial system, Em’s Baking Conversions section helps you tackle those conversions with ease. Like a friend at your side in the kitchen, Em enthusiastically guides you through all of the steps in her recipes, keeping her readers coming back for more.

Head over to MBakes and say hello to Em on Twitter and Facebook.


How to Proof Refrigerated Dough

Some yeasted dough recipes call for refrigerating the dough before proofing. For lofty results, take the aid of a baking pan filled with hot water.

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