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Alternating flavors of sweet, softened plums and creamy, thick custard appear in every spoonful of this classic clafouti. It’s simple ingredients, short cooking time, and rich, custard flavor make it perfect for showcasing your best plums. - Raychel, Recipe Hunter Raychel, Recipe Hunter

Raychel Vieira


Plum Clafouti

Golden custard and stone fruit bursting with juice are baked to perfection in less than an hour

With Summer coming to an end, and fall quickly approaching, it’s time to use up the leftover stone fruit you may have in your pantry. This recipe takes on the classic French clafouti, a dessert traditionally composed of stone fruit and custard. This version uses softened, ripe plums, first sauteed in sugar and butter before being baked in the clafouti. Then, the vanilla flavored, creamy custard is poured over the plums and baked for a quick 30 minutes making this the perfect solution for anyone who is in a pinch for time. After being baked, layers of golden, flan-like custard should be weaved in and out of juicy, bright plums bursting with flavor. Sprinkle with powdered sugar for a truly classic clafouti and dig in.


Kristin Rosenau

Baker, Blogger, Science Teacher


I take an honest approach to food, embracing the rich doughs, imprecise cuts, and floured countertops of baking. Sometimes healthy, sometimes sweet, I use wholesome ingredients to create new takes on old classics.

Kristin is the self-taught, passionate voice behind Pastry Affair. As a graduate student studying to be a astroparticle physicist, Kristin felt like there was still something she was missing in life. She longed for creative freedom and as an outlet, she took to her computer and created a food blog on whim. Without knowing the first thing about baking, developing recipes, or photographing them, Kristin was determined to teach herself everything she could! After falling in love with her new venture, Kristin decided that it was time to leave graduate school and pursue a career that made her truly happy, one that included butter and sugar. After a few years spent in commercial bakeries, while enjoyed on some levels, Kristin once again realized that professional baking may not be all she had made it out to be. Switching paths, Kristin found what she was looking for as a physics teacher while while using her free time to continue blogging. By taking many different roads and being honest with her readers along the way, Kristin is truly an inspiration to anyone who wants to try something new, especially in the kitchen.

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