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Michael was the first chef we ever featured on NoshOnIt so it's fitting that we end 2012 with his delicious and comforting recipe for slow cooked peppers, onions, and tomatoes served over creamy polenta. Sarah, Recipe Hunter

Sarah Lim, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Polenta with Pepperonata

Slow cooked peppers and onions melt over a bowl of creamy polenta

On July 30, 2012, we sent out our very first NoshOnIt recipe featuring this Watermelon & Sweet Onion Gazpacho so we felt that it was only fitting to end the year like we started it, with another seasonal, meatless creation from Michael Natkin of Herbivoracious. If you’re cooking for a crowd or are just looking for a simple, comforting, and inexpensive weeknight meal, polenta is most certainly the way to go. In this variation, Michael tops a bowl of creamy, cheesy polenta with pepperonata – a slow cooked “stew” of roasted peppers (use whatever colors you have at home), onions, tomatoes, and garlic that are simmered together with a splash of vinegar until meltingly soft, sweet, and tangy. Just like the polenta itself, pepperonata is versatile and the leftovers can be used as a spread for bruschetta, inside of a sandwich, or even stirred into some soft scrambled eggs. Before embarking on your New Year’s resolutions, celebrate 2012 in comfort!


Michael Natkin

Cookbook Author, Herbivoracious


Chef Michael Natkin

I don't try to convince anyone to be a vegetarian. If you want to eat even one meatless meal a week, let's make sure it's satisfying, beautiful, and delicious.

One of the main reasons we chose Michael to be our first featured Meatless Monday chef is because he’s a former software engineer turned chef and cookbook author, a fellow food techie like us! Based out of Seattle, Washington, Michael has been a vegetarian since 1984 and has dedicated himself to creating bold, full-flavored meatless dishes that will satisfy even the meatiest of carnivores. His most recent book, Herbivoracious, was published by our local friends here in Boston, Harvard Common Press, and it’s chock-full of other recipes to help you have a delicious #MeatlessMonday ever week!

Make sure to say hello to Michael on his blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.


What To Do With Leftover Polenta

Polenta is easy to make in big batches so if you have leftovers, pour it into a pan and refrigerate. Then, you can cut and pan-sear it for polenta cakes.

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