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Pozole is a traditional spicy Mexican stew of hominy, red chiles, and often pork. This vegetarian version uses the humble pinto bean as its base for a delicious and comforting weeknight version. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Pozole de Frijol

A fiery Mexican soup to cure all ills

Pozole is a traditional Mexican stew with historical significance, dating back to the Aztec times when this spicy combination of chiles, corn, and sometimes meat was served during special occasions. Although some ingredients might have changed over the years, pozole still includes dried chiles and corn (specifically hominy) and is typically enjoyed on weekends or during festivities. Often pozole has pork, but we absolutely love this simplified, vegetarian version from Vianney. It uses hearty pinto beans (out of the can for convenience) and chewy hominy boiled together in a spicy broth for a dish that comes together in under an hour. And, let’s not forget that pozole is all about the condiments! Alongside the broth and bean mixture, serve cilantro, lime, onions, and avocado so each person can customize their bowl to their own tastes.


Vianney Rodriguez

Food Blogger, Recipe Developer

Vianney Rodriguez from Sweet Life

My cooking reflects my life which is enriched with the spices of two diverse worlds. My love and cultural ties to Mexico with the appreciation of being raised in Texas combine to create original recipes featured on Sweet Life.

When we first stumbled upon Sweet Life, we were hooked by the way food blogger and recipe developer Vianney Rodriguez combined her Mexican heritage and Texan upbringing into delicious culinary creations. What we most appreciate is that Vianney has a way of staying true to authentic, traditional Mexican and Texan recipes when appropriate, but also infusing her own style and combining the two into her family’s version of “Tex-Mex” fare. Her food is spicy, boldly flavored, and comforting but never over-complicated or fussy. Oh, and did we mention she’s a margarita goddess?

Head over to Sweet Life and say hello to Vianney on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Ingredients: What is Hominy?

What is hominy and how do you use it? Hominy are corn kernels that have been treated so they puff up, perfect for soups or ground into grits or masa.

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