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Stay away from the preservatives and the added sugars found in expensive boxed bars. Quick and easy, these delicious and naturally gluten-free snack bars will be your grab-and-go treat all summer long. Ashley, Recipe Hunter

Ashley Kane


Quinoa Snack Bars with Goji Berries, Oats, and Nuts

Granola bars get a health punch with crunchy quinoa

Chances are you’ve tried it in stir frys as a substitute for rice. You’ve had it hot for dinner, cold in salads, and maybe you’ve even upgraded your oatmeal with it for breakfast. Quinoa just might be the most versatile grain (actually seed) out there. Now, we’re giving you another way to incorporate the superfood into your daily life. Turn it into delicious quinoa snack bars!

Jacquelyn shows us just how easy it is to make our own quinoa snacks bars in this recipe. Quinoa already has a nice subtle nutty flavor, but once the grain is toasted, that nutty essence is enhanced. The extra crunch makes quinoa ideal for homemade bars. The best part is that these bars are gluten free and mixing the grain with oats and berries just packs in extra health benefits—more protein, fiber, and all of the essential amino acids. Make a batch on the weekend and grab and go all summer long. You can even mix up the fillings week to week. From blueberries to raspberries and goji berries, the possibilities are yours alone. Enjoy these satisfying bars with yogurt for breakfast, or bring along for a beach or poolside snack.


Jacquelyn Grandy

Mom, Food Blogger, Photographer, Writer and Kale-Lover

Jackie Grandy from Marin Mama Cooks

I’m not a trained chef by any means, but just a mom who loves to cook healthy, family friendly and delicious meals for her family. My cooking style is a cross between Ina Garten and Heidi Swanson. I like a balance between comfort and healthy cooking. Life is about balance, so I believe food should be as well.

In many ways, Jacquelyn (Jackie, for short) is just your average California mom – she wants her family to be happy and healthy, and her blog reflects that desire in every recipe. Nevertheless, her recipes are far from the green beans and meatloaf of most of our childhoods – try cilantro lime chicken tacos and buffalo apple burgers with sage-jalapeno pesto. From kale and tofu to meatballs and mozzarella, Jackie balances health and flavor from dish to dish, and isn’t afraid to get a little creative for the sake of a healthy dinner. Jackie might be trying to keep her family healthy, but she won’t stop at her own: with step-by-step instructions with photos and videos for guidance, Jackie makes her comprehensive, healthy menus as easy for her as they are for you.

Head over to Marin Mama Cooks and say hello to Jackie on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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