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Did you know that there is a whole family of lasagnas out there that don’t require an oven? In this raw version, Sonnet layers colorful, summer veggies with a hearty ground almond mixture that stands in place of ricotta. Finish off this fresh dish with chives and basil right from the garden. Lizzie, Recipe Hunter

Lizzie Tilchin


Raw Zucchini and Tomato Lasagna

Enjoy lighter lasagna without turning on the oven

If you’ve never tried lasagna it in its raw form, you should. We’re not really feeling a steaming, meaty, cheesy meal in this heat right now, anyways. Sonnet’s version is light and features the best of summer’s bountiful produce, layering thin strips of zucchini with slices of fresh cherry tomatoes. Between them, you’ll never guess what she uses in place of ricotta cheese – almonds! With the right ingredients and a food processor, you can pretty much pulse any nut of your fancy (cashews, macadamias, and so on) into a ricotta cheese-like texture. In this recipe, almond “cheese” finished off with chopped chives makes for a great raw filling, giving this lasagna a necessary hearty component. You don’t need to be a health nut to fall in love with this beautiful dish, and the best part is you won’t break a sweat preparing it (it will only take ten minutes). Not to mention, it’s extremely flexible; if you’re craving a different veggie or filling, you can easily add or substitute it in. After a final touch of fresh basil, dinner is served.


Sonnet Lauberth

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Food Blogger

Sonnet Lauberth

I enjoy eating with the seasons and using organic, local food as much as possible. Things always taste better when they’re made with quality ingredients from scratch!

Sonnet is the writer behind In Sonnet’s Kitchen, which began over three years ago as a grad school project. Today, the blog functions to serve her mission and passion of helping people live healthy and happy lives. Sonnet is frequently posting interesting, fresh, seasonal recipes that reflect her belief (and our belief) that happiness begins in the kitchen, and that we should all be connected to what we eat. Her recipes are versatile and accessible to any and all diets. Through meaningful words and elegant photography she successfully conveys the pure, elementary beauty of food. If only we could all live in Sonnet’s kitchen!

Head over to In Sonnet’s Kitchen and say hello to Sonnet on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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