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This colorful summer fizz goes well with a hot day and a front porch! The simple rhubarb syrup is a rosy way to drink your summer produce, and pairs with brightness of gin and a squirt of lime to create a sweet-sour cocktail that’s a worthy accompaniment to those upcoming BBQ’s. Rebecca, Recipe Hunter

Rebecca Small


Rhubarb Collins

Color your Collins a seasonal pink

The bright, tart flavor of rhubarb, beloved for its use in pies and in combination with strawberries, gets a starring role in these easy drinks! Heather uses the beautiful pink color of rhubarb stalks to create a flavored simple syrup whose color is just as lively as it is tasty. A classic Tom Collins is gin, lemon, sugar, and soda water, and this Collins is just faithful enough to the traditional beverage to conjure up the familiar taste profile while giving it a seasonal and colorful update. Gin, lime, club soda and Heather’s rhubarb simple syrup are all you need to make this fizzy cocktail – perfect to bring to your next summer cookout or enjoy on your own time!


Heather Hands

Dietitian, Food Photographer, Blogger

Heather Hands from The Flourishing Foodie

I approach cooking similarly to how I approach life, spontaneously. I don't plan meals, or make lists. I seek out inspiration from the people and things around me. I love experimenting with new ingredients and enjoy cooking simple dishes, with good quality ingredients.

Heather is the photographer, writer, and chef behind The Flourishing Foodie, working out of Seattle, WA, and also a registered dietician. Her beautifully photographed recipes showcase how easy it can be to create delicious dishes when your ingredients are seasonal, whole, and fresh.  She enjoys a good leafy green salad as much as the next healthy eater, but isn’t afraid to indulge – 20% of the time! Heather also believes in the power of unplanned cooking, and the creativity that results when you leave the lists behind. As a pescatarian (a vegetarian who eats seafood), many of Heather’s recipes are vegetarian and even vegan friendly. But her focus on quality, seasonal produce appeals to any cook looking for simple yet creative ways to make the most out of their food!

Check out Heather’s culinary adventures at The Flourishing Foodie and say hello on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


How to Trim, Cut and Use Rhubarb

With its long, firm stalks, it’s hard to imagine rhubarb turning into something sweet. If you’ve never worked with rhubarb before, here’s how to use it.

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