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This beautiful hearty salad would be great as a side dish too - roasted sweet potatoes are tossed with shredded kale and get a surprise burst of flavor from lime juice and maple syrup in the dressing. Kate, Recipe Hunter

Kate Swanson, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

Potato salad, reinvented

This beautiful and delicious dish turns the idea of a classic potato salad on its head. Hearty, sweet potatoes are roasted until caramelized and tender then tossed with shredded kale and toasted walnuts. The real surprise, though, comes in the dressing which is made with rich maple syrup and tart lime juice for a sweet and tangy flavor that’s the perfect compliment to the sweet potatoes. Green onions are tossed in at the end for a green bite and cilantro adds a touch of freshness. This is one of those combinations of flavors and textures that doesn’t seem like it will work…but it totally does! Sweet, tangy, crunchy, and salty come together for a healthy salad that would be perfect as a light dinner or an elegant side dish.


Ashley Jennings

Food Blogger, Photographer, Writer

Ashley Jennings from Cookie Monster Cooking

There is nothing I love more than cooking for my family and friends. Making as much as possible from scratch, and watching others enjoy it, is so rewarding. I truly believe that if I can do it, you can too.

Ashley is the blogger, writer, and photographer behind Cookie Monster Cooking where she shares her passion for cooking and baking along with stunning photography from her Northern Virginia kitchen. What we love most about Ashley is that she’s completely self-taught in both cooking and photography after starting to cook in college and being left with a new collection of cooking tools & cookbooks after getting married. Her style is fresh and seasonal while still having a balance between healthy and indulgent recipes so although she does have her fair share of sweets (and yes, many cookies!), you’ll also be able to find her unique twists on savory favorites.

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  • Susan Pridmore

    This looks fantastic! I want to make it for tonight for dinner. Love!