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If you’ve never had olive oil cake, this moist and fluffy Mediterranean inspired dessert is the perfect way to end an indulgent meal with something light. Sarah, Recipe Hunter

Sarah Lim, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Rustic Olive Oil Cake with Honey Syrup

A Mediterranean inspired light dessert

Olive oil cake might just be one of the best undiscovered desserts, especially when you’re looking for something rustic, simple, and not too sweet. The beauty of this recipe is that since it calls for an entire cup of olive oil, the flavor of whatever oil you use can really shine through (so use a good one!). With the simple addition of lemon zest and Grand Marnier, the flavors in this cake hit every part of your palate – subtle richness from the olive oil, tart freshness from the lemon zest, and the faint hint of sweet orange from the liqueur. The result is a moist cake that’s as delicious for a light dessert at the end of an elegant dinner party as it is for breakfast with your morning cup of coffee.


Kathy Goldman from Playin with my Food

Cooking connects us to the earth, people, and cultures. It should be a joyful activity rather than a chore.

Kathy is the blogger, recipe developer, and writer behind the food blog Playin with my Food where she shares her eclectic, experimental, and delicious recipes with us. Growing up in a Hungarian family, Kathy was surrounded by women who valued and took pride in making homemade meals from scratch. Now as the head of her own kitchen, Kathy uses creative meals to connect her family and friends to each other and the world around us. She focuses on using fresh, seasonal ingredients with flavors from around the world to create inspired recipes your family will love.

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