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No one knows refreshing summer soups like southern Spain. If you’ve maxed out on gazpacho or are just looking for something a little different, give Salmorejo a shot! It’s creamier texture (due to the addition of bread) and oh-so-Spanish toppings are an authentic mouthful of Andalusia! Rebecca, Recipe Hunter

Rebecca Small


Salmorejo – Cold Spanish Tomato-Bread Soup

Another cool Spanish soup from the gazpacho family tree.

At this point in the season, stove or oven avoidance can be the key to pleasant summer cooking. It’s hard not to love cold soups right now, and gazpacho is often the first thing that comes to mind. But gazpacho’s not the only simple, no-cook soup the Spanish have in their repertoire. Salmorejo hails from the city of Córdoba, Spain, in Andalusia. It has a creamier texture than gazpacho, owing to the incorporation of bread – an ingenious way to utilize any leftover or stale slices you have laying around. Topped with boiled eggs and serrano ham (what Spanish meal is complete without it?), Salmorejo is substantial enough to make a meal out of. Kathryn of Dramatic Pancake shares a story of how Salmorejo brought a weary traveler not only a traditional taste of Spanish cuisine, but of Spanish warmth and hospitality as well. Straight from a tavern in Córdoba, her recipe calls for only 5 ingredients and comes together in a snap, or shall we say, blend. If you’d like to add a little kick of acidity to your soup, add 1-2 tbsp of sherry vinegar (vinagre de Jerez, in Spanish) with the tomatoes.


Kathryn O'Malley

My food site, Dramatic Pancake, is built on the belief that every home cook has at least one outstanding, tried-and-true recipe that he or she returns to again and again. By interviewing people in their own homes, cooking alongside them, and photographing their creations, I hope to share with readers a delicious and eclectic group of recipes you can count on.

Kathryn is the photographer and writer behind Dramatic Pancake, her blog which aims to share the stories and people behind a favorite recipe. Kathryn interviews cooks in their own homes about one of their go-to dishes, something they’ve made again and again. She then photographs and cooks it alongside them. The resulting set of vibrant and eclectic recipes are not to be missed- think a community of friends and family members, sharing what they love to cook and why – all accompanied by beautiful food photography, of course! In addition to the vibrant set of recipes she has collected from others, Kathryn also shares her own experiments in the kitchen on her blog.  As an editor for Who’s Hungry magazine, Kathryn’s skills are on full display on Dramatic Pancake – don’t miss out on her selection of curated favorite dishes and the stories behind them.

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