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How do you take your eggs? Simple, bold, and comforting, the Middle Eastern staple of spicy, tomato-based shakshuka is one of those dishes that can be enjoyed for any meal (or every meal), adaptable for fans of sunny-side-up and more firmly-set eggs, alike. Lizzie, Recipe Hunter

Lizzie Tilchin



Shaking up "eggs for breakfast"

Tunisian in origin and a staple today in many cuisines throughout the Middle East, “shakshuka” translates roughly to mean “a mixture,” a fitting name indeed for a dish that serves as the harmonious meeting point of several subtly different tastes and textures. Because it appears on the breakfast (and dinner) tables of so many cultures – shakshuka is a big hit in Israel, and also in Northern Africa, where it is more often referred to as “Moroccan baked eggs” – there are endless techniques for making it. Linda’s version embodies the simplicity and boldness of the dish, where slow-poached eggs sit happily upon a fragrant tomato-based medley of onions, peppers, and spices. Linda serves her shakshuka with crumbled feta, and kills the heat while the yolks are still sunny and runny (but you can cook for longer based on your own egg-related preferences). From beginning to end, this is a one-pot dish, served in the very skillet in which the sauce is stewed (meaning clean-up will be a breeze). It’s a perfect place to dip your favorite crusty bread (crusty bread, meet runny yolk), great for sharing, and a suitable hearty option for any time of day!


Linda Xiao

Photographer and Founder of The Tart Tart

Linda Xiao - The Tart Tart

I let curiosity be my guide. Everything I feature on my site and in my everyday cooking is inspired by ingredients, recipes, and cooking techniques I’ve always wanted to try.

Linda is the writer and photographer behind The Tart Tart, home to all of her cooking projects, as well as her love of all things tart. Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is there that Linda originally discovered the wonderful world of fresh produce, which has traveled along with her over to Brooklyn, NY. She now frequents the Union Square Greenmarket (a great Big Apple hub for local fruits and veggies) and cooks up a storm in her compact kitchen. What we love most about Linda’s beautiful cuisine is that she is able to be adventurous while simultaneously keeping it simple – a delicate balance that can only be achieved by someone who truly understands and is in tune with their ingredients, and which can be observed in each and every one of Linda’s recipes.

Head over to The Tart Tart and say hello to Linda on Twitter and Pinterest.


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