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Sicilian Meatball Soup with Cabbage

Rustic soup to warm your soul

With cold fronts spreading across the country, we all need something that can warm us up from the inside out. This rustic, hearty soup starts with mini meatballs studded with golden raisins, fennel seeds, and spices for a sweet, savory, spicy combination that is uniquely Sicilian. After searing, the meatballs are simmered in a rich tomato broth with hearty cabbage until they are cooked through, absorbing the flavors of the broth. Adding a leftover parmesan cheese rind laces the broth with the subtle salty savory flavor of the cheese and adding a touch of creaminess…without the cream! You can add breadcrumbs to the meatballs if you’d like, but for those on a gluten-free diet, skip them altogether with no problem. If you’re looking for a one pot meal to feed the family, this comforting soup is just what you need.


Julia Mueller

Bookkeeper & Food Blogger

Julia Mueller from The Roasted Root

As an outdoor enthusiast, I prioritize maintaining a well-balanced diet. I love developing, photographing and sharing healthful recipes that incorporate in-season produce. My treat recipes typically incorporate alternatives to wheat. I believe in making healthful recipes approachable, delicious and unique!

If you live an active outdoors lifestyle like Julia, then you know how important it is to fill your body with healthy, nutritious, and satisfying food. Luckily for us, Julia is the recipe developer and blogger behind The Roasted Root where she shares her creative and healthful recipes using whole ingredients. What we love most about Julia is that she has the ability to incorporate healthy ingredients and alternatives to wheat, dairy, and cane sugar in creative ways that are as delicious as they are nutritious so we can feel great about having that one extra bite.

Head over to The Roasted Root and say hello to Julia on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Add Flavor to Soup with Cheese Rinds

The leftover rind from parmesan and pecorino cheese is a great way to add flavor to soups and stews. As it melts, the rind adds the flavor of the cheese.

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