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This simple version of traditional borscht ditches the cabbage and potatoes to grant beets the spotlight they deserve. The slow roasted beets are complemented with fresh dill and sour cream for a hearty and delicious winter stew. Beth, Recipe Hunter

Beth Wittenstein, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Simple Roasted Beet Borscht

And the beet steals the show again.

Traditional borscht is a hearty Eastern European stew typically made with beets, cabbage and potatoes for a tasty way to warm up on blistering winter days. Courtney swaps the starch and cabbage for just a sprig of fresh dill to highlight and compliment slow roasted beets. Roasting the beets is  another great twist to the recipe as this technique adds a greater depth to the flavor than simply chopping and boiling them.  She uses vegetable stock and a touch of red wine vinegar to create a savory soup and cut the sweetness of the beets. A dollop of sour cream adds another element of creamy richness that can easily be omitted for a fully vegan meal or swapped for Greek yogurt for a healthier alternative. Just one batch will yield dinner for the whole family or a hearty lunch just for you all week, and that just can’t be beat!


Courtney Rae Jones

Food Blogger and Photographer

Courtney Rae Jones

I love cooking wholesome food that celebrates vegetarian cooking from around the world. I love to use a diverse range of ingredients to create simple, meat-free dishes with tons of flavour.

Courtney is the blogger and food photographer behind the vegetarians’ delight that is The Fig Tree. Inspired by cultures across the globe, this Canadian gal cooks different ethnic cuisines to connect with others and bring a wide range of new flavors and ingredients to her vegetarian cooking. When she isn’t indulging in her culinary whims, Courtney is passionate about live music, theater, literature and studying languages. With so much creativity and energy, her blog is bursting with incredible meatless meals you won’t want to miss!

Head over to The Fig Tree and say hello to Courtney on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


How to Roast Beets

Roast and peel beets easily by wrapping them individually in foil and roasting in a 400 degree oven until tender. The skin will slide right off.

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  • A cook in NJ

    I roasted then froze my beets because I didn’t want them to go bad–
    at that time I didn’t have time to fuss. Today I dragged them out to defrost to make this soup.
    It was great! I did add some brown sugar to give it more of a sweet and sour taste but
    not so much as to overpower. It was just great. Thanks for the simplicity!