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Who doesn’t love spanakopita? One of the most popular Greek foods stateside, the combination of spinach, cheese, and phyllo dough has proved irresistible for all audiences across the generations. Rebeccah, Recipe Hunter

Rebeccah Marrero


Skillet Spanakopita

Our favorite Greek classic, skillet-style!

Spanakopita, or Greek spinach pie, may just be the perfect food. Traditionally composed of a crispy golden phyllo exterior sheltering a mixture of spinach and cheeses, spanakopita is easily adaptable to taste with different cheeses and greens. Here Christina keeps it classic, using a mixture of ricotta and feta cheeses for a smooth and creamier texture, while retaining the salty bite of feta. Ever-present as mini triangle cocktail hors-d’oeuvres, with a few adjustments spanakopita makes an easy one-skillet meal to share. Perfect for an evening in but elegant enough for a casual dinner party, this dish proves beautiful presentation isn’t always accompanied by a mountain of dirty dishes. Christina’s recipe is ready in no time flat so no need to wait till your next cocktail reception to enjoy this savory treat!


Christina George

Baker & Food Blogger

Christina George from Dessert For Two

I scale down recipes to serve just 2 people. Tiny cakes, small batches of cupcakes, cocktails and more!

Growing up in a food-obsessed family and spending a lot of time in her Aunt Rose’s restaurant as a child, Christina was destined to be a fantastic cook. Now married and living and working in Kansas with her husband, she mostly cooks for two and (like all of us) has a sweet tooth that needs indulging after dinner. After becoming frustrated with the lack of recipes made for two, especially in the dessert category, she took matters into her own hands and started her blog, Dessert for Two, to share how she takes Southern classics (and a few surprises) and turns them into recipes that are perfect for just a few people.

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