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Everyone needs a staple red sauce recipe and this one is ours. Emily slow roasts tomatoes to concentrate their flavors then simmers them with roasted garlic, herbs, and red wine for a bright yet rich sauce without hours of cooking. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Slow Roasted Marinara Sauce

The last red sauce recipe you'll ever need

Every Italian household has their staple “red sauce” recipe, perfect for tossing over pasta, spooning over meatballs, or just dipping bread into. Even if you didn’t have Nonna showing you her secrets, this recipe is our new go-to. Usually, developing deep and complex flavors in a tomato sauce requires hours of simmering but Emily solves this problem by slow roasting widely-available roma tomatoes with olive oil and herbs until concentrated in flavor. These “oven dried tomatoes” are then simmered with canned whole tomatoes (for brightness), roasted garlic (for extra depth), red wine, and herbs. If you like your marinara sauce smooth, just give the sauce a quick puree with an immersion blender or, if you prefer it chunky, just leave it alone. Either way, the result is a simple, versatile, and comforting sauce that has layers upon layers of flavor. This sauce freezes well, so don’t hesitate to make a double or triple batch. Pasta night, anyone?


Emily Caruso

Food Photographer & Blogger

Emily Caruso from Jelly Toast

Cooking should be fun! Whether it’s cookies for the kiddos or a cocktail for the grown-ups, I am constantly inspired by seasonal flavors and anything that will bring my family together around the dinner table. Because that’s what food is really all about.

Emily is the food photographer and recipe developer behind the mouthwatering food and cocktail blog, Jelly Toast. Her recipes are seasonally-inspired and relaxed, but just elegant enough to warrant inviting a few friends over for a fun dinner party. What we absolutely can’t get enough of, though, is Emily’s hilarious writing style. She has a way of bringing her recipes to life through her words, leaving us just a little bit jealous that we aren’t that funny! Her food is made from scratch and will leave both kids and adults alike feeling comforted and satisfied. Pair that with a few of her delicious cocktails and you’ve got a tasty evening ready to go.

Head over to Jelly Toast and say hello to Emily on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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