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Warm, cheesy grits and savory shrimp mix perfectly in this Southern classic. Enjoy this comforting coastal dish with family and friends! Elizabeth, Recipe Hunter

Elizabeth Nimmons


Southern Shrimp and Grits

Loads of cheddar cheese make this Southern classic unforgettable.

Among the American South, comfort food reigns supreme and Southern shrimp and grits are at the top of the list. As a child growing up in the American South, I spent the majority of my time at home in the kitchen, cooking, eating, and chatting around the kitchen table. In nearly every Southern household, family and friends come together around plates of the same foods that our families have been cooking for generations, and every social gathering, even the quickest home drop-in, must always start with the question, “Can I get you something to drink or eat?” For Southern people, food is much more than food. It is a way to show love and care for others, a way to foster community, and an expression of creativity.

When most people think of Southern food, they likely imagine mounds of fried chicken, casseroles of baked macaroni and cheese, skillets of cornbread, and pots full of collards. And while all these dishes are absolutely Southern, there are certainly other dishes that speak uniquely to Southern cuisine. One of these is shrimp and grits, a Southern classic that comes from the Southern coastal region. Like other Southern classics, shrimp and grits has many iterations — some with red-eye gravy (a Southern gravy seasoned with pork and black coffee), some incorporating bell peppers, bacon, and Cajun spices, and some that are thick with cheese and seasoned to savory perfection. Deborah at Delicious Happens favors the latter. Her flavorful shrimp are fabulously seasoned with bacon, garlic, and green onions and sit atop a bed of buttery, cheesy grits. Try this delicious dish for your next family dinner and watch as the family flocks to the table.


Deborah Duncan

Recipe Developer and Photographer

Deborah Duncan from Delicious Happens

I sort of follow the K.I.S.S. rule in the kitchen. Keep it simple sweetheart. I cook with fresh wholesome foods, little sugar, low fat, and I like simple recipes. The more simple and natural the dish is, the better.

Deborah’s blog, Delicious Happens, illustrates the power of a simple dish with a dash of creativity. Throughout her recipes, Deborah reinvents the classics with her own personal twist, from a berry trifle to chicken piccata. With an easy switch of ingredients or preparation method, Deborah elevates her dishes to a level of sophistication you wouldn’t think possible of your old go-to salad or dessert. Without pretense or excess, Deborah creates easy, accessible meals that taste like home. Each recipe reflects her personal experience with food from her Newport Beach kitchen, with a nod to a local restaurant or a childhood memory. Her resulting collection of recipes remind us of the foods on which we were raised, the foods that reignite flavors we had lost, until the plate is clean. And when that happens, there’s always another to try tomorrow night.

Head over to Delicious Happens and say hello to Deborah on Facebook and Pinterest.


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