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Spicy Spiked Cider

Spike your cider for a seasonal, Thanksgiving-worthy cocktail

Hot apple cider is a must-have for the cool weather but Joanne and Adam take it to the next level with this grown-up version. Seasonal spices like cinnamon, cloves, and star anise are infused into fresh cider and a splash of OJ until just heated through then cooled and poured over ice in a cinnamon sugar-lined glass with a splash (rather heavy-handed if you’re us) of spiced rum. The best things about this drink? It’s delicious warm or cold and you can make a booze-less version for the kiddos first before adding the rum. If you’re thinking about this perfect cocktail for your Thanksgiving soiree, this is it.


Joanne and Adam Gallagher

Publishers, Inspired Taste

Joanne and Adam Gallagher from Inspired Taste

Inspired Taste is a collection of fun and easy recipes we’ve created in our own kitchen. Together. We love to add fresh and fun twists to recipes that everyone can make.

Joanne and Adam are truly a match made in heaven! As the husband and wife team behind Inspired Taste, they connect over their mutual passion for food and cooking, with Joanne doing (most of) the cooking and Adam manning the camera for their beautiful photos. Their blog is full of a huge collection of sweet and savory recipes so you’re sure to find something you’ll love but one thing that all of their creations have in common is that they were created by both Joanne and Adam together. Teamwork = success.

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