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Summer nights are the perfect time to sit back and watch the stars in the company of our friends and family. Such an occasion calls for a spectacular dessert that will brighten up the faces of your guests, like sliced star fruit baked with caramel in an upside down cake. - Ellen, Recipe Hunter Ellen, Recipe Hunter

Ellen Parmar


Star Fruit Upside Down Cake

A starstruck upside down cake

Star fruit have marvelous presentation from the moment that they are sliced into five-pointed stars. Although star fruit are delicious on their own, this upside down cake brings the best of both worlds because it combines fresh fruit with caramel and cake. Slices of fresh, tart star fruit are layered into the bottom of the pan and once turned over, the star fruit shines on top with hot caramel dripping down the sides. You won’t have to wait around for it to cool off, it’s ready to be served warm while the caramel is still gooey. It’s perfect as it is, no icing, no ice cream, no garnish necessary. The cake will be enough to leave everyone star-struck after the first bite.


Marni Mutrux Meistrell

Web Marketer, Food Blogger, Recipe Developer

Marni Mutrux Meistrell - Love and Duck Fat

I cook a creative mix of southern-influenced, Floribbean cuisine with an emphasis on locally-sourced, made-from-scratch-recipes. I began cooking at a young age and began sharing my recipes on Love and Duck Fat when my son was born. Food, to me, is life, and I enjoy pushing the boundaries in a way that the home cook can appreciate. I create restaurant-style recipes you can make and enjoy at home.

Marni is the elegant voice behind Love and Duck Fat. Though duck fat is scarcely seen, practical parenting advice, product reviews, and opulent recipes are the ingredients that make up her blog. Her recipes are created to parallel the quality and fine dining of top-notch restaurants. Most of Marni’s dishes capture the Floribbean cuisine, but every now and then she releases a recipe that is a little bit more adventurous like this Spanish octopus stew. As the cook of her family, she also creates imaginative and healthy recipes that the kids will enjoy, including baby food like baby pumpkin pie. The best part of Marni’s blog is that she provides recipes that are made to taste like paradise while still being good to the body with organic and unprocessed ingredients.
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